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Learning About Nurseries

Learning About Nurseries

Although some nurseries may specialize in certain plants, generally a nursery is incomplete without stocking roses. A nursery should offer a better selection of types and sizes of rose plants already started than any other store. Nurseries are placed worldwide. You can find nurseries almost anywhere in the United States, Australia, and Canada, for instance.
A bigger nursery would be a safer bet for ease of selection, featuring more stock, a bigger variety, and plants in different stages. You could have the nurseries order your roses should they not stock what you are searching for, or if they lack enough of your choice of rose plant. Ask about group discounts if you belong to a club or discounts for a senior citizen or even a veteran; maybe you are ordering in bulk and can get a discount for quantity.

Ask your local nursery if it ever has presentations to show you all about roses. Maybe they have a shop nearby where they sell things pertaining to roses, like souvenirs or items for the beginning gardener.

Someone who belongs to a garden club or who owns a farm may be able to provide input on nurseries operating in your area. You could call your local farm feed store for information on area nurseries. Some farm feed stores order plants from nurseries to sell at their own place of business.

A benefit of visiting your local nurseries would include seeing your plants already in various stages of growth, including flowering. You can see the condition of the plant before purchase. Buying a rose already started will save you time if you are in a hurry to begin your rose gardening.

A bigger, more established nursery involves more than just a greenhouse. Much is done to maintain a good nursery. There are workers who must be trained to plant, tend, handle, load, and unload. Roses must be harvested, graded, packed properly in strong boxes. The trucks that carry the roses should be climate-controlled. The flowers may have to be hand-pollinated. There are different types of mulch, fertilizers, insect control products, temperature settings, and disposal of plants or pruned parts.

A nursery differs slightly from a garden center. A garden center could be as simple as a small area in your local discount department store. A nursery is more involved in the specifics of the planting, harvesting, tending, and selling. What some stores call a garden center may also include tools or power equipment to maintain the garden. Nurseries are more beneficial to the economy in that they usually have huge greenhouses, plants help the quality of our air, nurseries provide jobs, taxes are paid from the sale of the plants, and items are bought to maintain the nurseries
One way to learn the most about growing roses is to get a job in a nursery or start your own. If you like the idea of owning your own nursery, do your homework. Research, research, research, so that your business will be successful and a place people will be proud to return to.


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